Young adults are more likely to be COVID-19 superspreaders

One man's wild weekend in Seoul, South Korea. A birthday party in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. A trip to a winery in Ohio. In all three instances, a young adult spread the coronavirus to at least a dozen people. The 29-year-old man in Seoul infected more than 100 others.

In the last few months, high-risk activities like these among young adults have been increasingly linked to superspreading events. It's part of larger pattern of young people fueling transmission, according to a recent study from researchers at Emory University and the Georgia Department of Public Health.

After analyzing coronavirus cases across five Georgia counties from March to May, the researchers found that people under age 60 tended to be the main drivers of superspreading events. People in that age group were nearly three times more likely to infect others compared to people ages 60 and older, according to the researchers.

Last week, the World Health Organization also warned that young people seem to be transmitting the virus to the elderly or immunocompromised.

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